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Deep Tissue Massage Course

SEIR Beauty School’s Short Guide To Deep Tissue Muscle Massage

Massage is one of the most popular beauty relaxation treatments available, and there are so many benefits to enrolling in a deep tissue massage course. Whether you’re looking to change careers or add another beauty therapy skill to your resume, SEIR Beauty School has massage short courses in Sydney to suit learners at all stages in their beauty careers. Our massage courses are internationally recognised, and we teach a range of ancient and modern techniques to help you provide your clients with a deeply relaxing, revitalising experience.

A Brief History Of Deep Tissue Muscle Massage

Massage therapy is one of the most commonly practised forms of holistic treatment. It encompasses a wide range of techniques and practices that cater to both physical and mental ailments. To truly understand the art of massage, it’s essential to understand where massage therapy originated and how it has evolved to the practice we teach today. The earliest mention of massage was noted over 5,000 years ago. In China in 2700BCE, they spoke of therapeutic touch that brought healing and relaxation. Over the centuries, the art of massage has adapted techniques from all over the world. From reflexology in Egypt to deep tissue massage in Greece, modern massage uses techniques from all corners of the world under the umbrella term of ‘massage therapy’.

The Benefits Deep Tissue Muscle Massage Offers Your Clients

Deep tissue massage therapy can help with physical ailments such as pain associated with whiplash, muscle spasms, fibromyalgia, muscle strain and osteoarthritis. The breaking down of muscle ‘knots’ and tension helps clients feel more relaxed and provides enhanced freedom of movement. Massage also positively impacts cognitive function, as it is a popular form of stress relief. Deep tissue massage helps lower cortisol levels and increases oxytocin, which produces a soothing effect throughout the body. Other benefits of massage include:
  • Lowering blood pressure and heart rate
  • Breaking up scar tissue
  • Reducing arthritis symptoms
  • Rehabilitating injured muscles
  • Assists with labour and delivery

4 Reasons Why A Deep Tissue Massage Course Improves Your Resume

To provide deep tissue massage therapy, a professional must undergo plenty of training and have a good understanding of how the body relates to wellness. A short massage course in Sydney would make a fantastic addition to any beauty industry professional’s resume.
  • It’s an excellent skill for any specialisation. No matter where you work, SEIR Beauty School’s deep tissue massage course will help you provide better services to your clients. Hairdressers can offer better scalp and neck massages, facial specialists will be able to massage the face to provide better collagen production and blood flow, and nail artists will be able to provide deeply relaxing foot and hand massages before treatment.
  • Better understand your client’s physical condition. When you undergo a short massage course in Sydney, you’ll learn to read a person’s body for tension, stress, and pain. When you understand your client’s physical wellbeing, you’ll be able to better cater to them and make them comfortable.
  • Improve your communication and empathy skills. Customer service and empathy are crucial in the beauty industry, and a deep tissue massage course will only broaden and improve your skills.
  • You’ll become more attractive to employers. The more treatments and procedures you know how to provide, the more attractive you’ll be to potential employers. SEIR Beauty School has a vast range of courses such as our deep tissue massage course that will help bolster your resume and make you a valuable addition to any salon, spa, or resort.

Enrol In SEIR Beauty School’s Leading Deep Tissue Massage Course

SEIR Beauty School is one of the leading providers of beauty training in Australia, and we’re proud to offer a wide range of bespoke courses to suit students of all experience levels and backgrounds. We’re an iTec registered institution, and our beauty qualifications are among the most prestigious in the world. The qualifications you’ll earn at SEIR Beauty School are internationally recognised, so your beauty career can take you anywhere in the world. With one-on-one training, interactive learning experiences, highly experienced educators, ongoing support, training, and mentoring; SEIR Beauty School can set you up with the tools for an exciting career in the beauty industry. If you’re interested in undertaking a deep tissue massage course in Sydney, you can enrol with SEIR Beauty School today. We can’t wait to see where your career in beauty takes you.