Maintain Infection Control


HD Brow + Bonus Henna Course


Microblading Course


Brow Lamination Certified Course


HD Brow Certified Course


Lash Lift Certified Course


SHBBMUP008 – Apply eyelash extensions


SHBBMUP015 – Apply volume eyelash extensions


SHBBFAS004 – Provide lash and brow services


Henna Certified Training Course


LED Light Course


Teeth Whitening Course


Micro-Dermabrasion Course + Free Bonus Hydro-dermabrasion Oxygen Facial Course


Permanent Make Up (Cosmetic Tattooing) – Accredited


Skin Peels Course


Advanced Dermal Aesthetics Course


Skin Needling


BB Glow Course


Dermaplane Facial Accredited & Certified Course


Advanced Skin Knowledge Certified Course


SHBBFAS005 – Provide facial treatments and skin care recommendations


Make – Up Artistry Certified Course


Maintain Infection Control


SHBBNLS011 – Use electric file equipment for nail services


Nail Art Course


Russian Manicure


Advanced Acrylic Artist


Acrylic Nail Technology Certified Course


Gel Polish Certified Courses (Shellac)


Acrylic Powder Dipping System Certified Course (S.N.S)


Gel (Polygel) Nail Technician Certified Course


SHBBNLS007 – Provide manicure and pedicare services


Laser Hair Removal Course


Advanced Laser Technician Course


Threading Certified Course


SHBBHRS010 – Provide waxing services


SHBBHRS011 – Provide female intimate waxing services


Hot Stone Certified Course


Deep Tissue Muscle Massage Certified Course


SHBBBOS007 – Spray Tanning Course


Beauty Business Builder Course


Front of House & Customer Service


Beauty Short Courses Shape

4 SEIR Beauty Short Courses You Can Complete In A Single Day

One of the main reasons people avoid studying is because of the commitment. While many people want to upskill or chase their career goals, they simply don’t have the time to invest in full-time or part-time study over months or years. SEIR Beauty School understands the value of our students’ time, which is why we’ve created several beauty short courses that can be completed in a single day. Our short courses in beauty therapy are designed to ensure you have all the necessary knowledge and expertise to administer beauty procedures successfully. If you’re looking to upskill quickly, here are a few SEIR Beauty School courses you can finish in a single day.

HD Brow

If you’re interested in learning how to use an e-file (electronic nail file), SEIR Beauty School have a half-day course to educate you on;

  • E-file uses
  • Contra-indications and contra-actions
  • Safety regarding e-file use
  • E-file sanitation procedures
  • Treatment planning and set up
  • Tool maintenance
  • Health and safety legislation around the use of e-files
  • Professional codes of conduct and ethics for using e-files
  • A comprehensive e-file practical session
If you work in the nail industry and you’re interested in broadening your skills, enrol for the e-file nail course today.

Brow Lamination Course

One of our most popular short beauty courses in Sydney is our brow lamination course. As this brow shaping procedure is relatively new, there still aren’t many beauty therapy courses covering it. SEIR Beauty School have a fantastic one-day program available to teach you;

  • Healthy and safety procedures
  • Everything about the products and equipment used in brow lamination
  • How to conduct a safe patch test
  • Consultation procedures
  • Contraindications to treatment
  • Different brow designs and how to select the right design for your client
  • The brow lamination procedure
  • Maintenance and aftercare
Be ahead of the curve and make yourself a more competitive candidate for work in any salon with a brow lamination qualification. Enrol with SEIR Beauty School today.

Lash Lift Course

As more people seek fuller, more natural-looking eyelashes, there is a growing demand for qualified lash technicians in the beauty industry. Our one-day lash lift course is the perfect way to begin your journey to becoming a lash technician. Over a single day, you’ll learn;

  • How to perfect the Eleebana Lash Lift
  • How to create length and volume
  • How to select the correct silicone pads
  • The correct way to conduct a lash, eye shape, and balance analysis
  • Lash straightening
  • The curl correcting and balancing procedure
  • How to design a treatment plan for your client
  • The history of lash lift
  • The chemical processes involved in the treatment
  • Curl and length analysis
  • The differences between perming and lifting
  • The difference between rods and silicone pads
  • Contra-indications and contra-actions
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Everything you need to know about lash lift products
  • Troubleshooting techniques
  • How to deliver pre-care and after-care instructions to clients
  • How to start a lash lift or lash bar business
  • Infection control and WH&S
Why wait to upskill? You can enrol in this comprehensive course with SEIR Beauty School today.

Dermaplane Facial Course

SEIR Beauty School’s dermaplane facial course is the perfect qualification to add to your resume if you already work in the beauty industry. In one day, you’ll learn;

  • Biology of the skin
  • Cell cycles
  • How to test a person’s suitability for dermaplaning
  • How to deliver pre-care and after-care instructions to clients
  • Contra-indications and contra-actions
  • Treatments that complement dermaplaning
  • Tips and tricks for successful treatment
  • How to conduct a consultation and skin analysis
  • Troubleshooting techniques and solutions
  • How to apply your learnings in a practical setting
It’s important to note that this course is better suited to those already working within the beauty industry or students who have passed our intensive skin foundation course. Enrol in SEIR Beauty School’s dermaplane facial course today.

3 Courses You Can Complete Within A Week

If you can spare more than a day, SEIR Beauty School has a range of short beauty courses you can complete within a week. Naturally, with a few more days, we can provide you with more in-depth, comprehensive training as well as more opportunities for hands-on practice.

  • Waxing short course. Waxing is one of the most popular forms of hair removal, so it makes sense to add this skill to your resume. If you already work in the industry and you’d like to earn your waxing certificate, a short course makes the most sense. You won’t need to take much time off work, and you’ll still graduate with a certificate in waxing that is internationally recognised, enabling you to work anywhere in the world.
  • Manicure and pedicure course. SEIR Beauty School offers a four-day manicure and pedicure course, teaching students to provide a five-star spa-style service. The best part about this short beauty course is that you don’t need to have prior experience. The units are perfect for industry beginners and seasoned professionals alike.
  • Make-up short course. Whether you’d like to work in a studio or salon, or you’d like to start your own make-up business, this short three-day course is perfect for those looking to turn a passion for makeup into a career. You’ll learn to design looks for every occasion, including bridal makeup, editorial, day/night, and fashion. We’ll also teach you everything you need to know about preparation, application, and WH&S protocols for makeup.

If You’re Looking For Beauty Short Courses, Browse Our Range Of Classes At SEIR Beauty School

SEIR Beauty School is one of the leading providers of beauty training in Australia, and we’re proud to offer a wide range of bespoke courses to suit students of all experience levels and backgrounds. We’re an iTec registered institution, and our beauty qualifications are among the most prestigious in the world. The qualifications you’ll earn at SEIR Beauty School are internationally recognised, so your beauty career can take you anywhere in the world. With one-on-one training, interactive learning experiences, highly experienced educators, ongoing support, training, and mentoring; SEIR Beauty School can set you up with the tools for an exciting career in the beauty industry. If you’re interested in undertaking online beauty courses in anything from nail art to waxing short courses, you can enrol with SEIR Beauty School today. We can’t wait to see where your career in beauty takes you.