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Certification in Lash extensions

Lash Extension Training Course


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Certification in HD BRow, Lash Lift & Tinting

Lash and Brow Traning Course


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One of our most exciting career opportunities we offer, due to our renowned reputation and leading Skin and Laser Training Programs, our graduates will receive a direct career pathway to land their dream job with Clear Skincare Clinics, Australia’s Leading Specialists in Laser and Advanced Skin Therapies. Boasting 56+ Clinics through Australia and New Zealand

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Lash lift

Why don't you place the solution on the tips of the lashes?

Because this can cause Lash damage resulting in a frizzy effect

How do I change the positioning of the lashes if the glue has already dried?

You can apply more glue which will soften the original product application allowing you to readjust the lashes, it will also help if you re-adjust by stretching underneath the lashes over the lash pad

Why do you perform a Lash Tint After the Lash Lift and not before?

If you apply a tint before a Lash Lift it will lift out the colour as well as Lashes are more porous after a lash lift so they will grab the colour better

Lash extensions

Why do lash extensions need to be refilled after only 2 weeks?

This is because of the lash growth cycle, a lash extension will only last as long as your natural lash does.

What Solution can you offer to clients who want an extreme voluminous look but their natural lashes cannot support that style?

You can tint the clients natural lashes so they appear darker, use flat lashes which create a darker lash line, or create volume fans using the lashes with the smallest diameter to give the appearance of more lashes.

HD Brows

Why do you tint the eyebrows twice?

You tint the eyebrows twice with a first initial tint which is only on for a short time to determine how porous the hair is and to tint the superfluous hair which makes it easier to see and therefore remove, your second application is to create definition to the shape and stain the skin to prevent clients filling in their brows daily.

Why do you use 3 different methods of hair removal and not just one?

We use 3 different methods of hair removal because there are different hair types, to ensure finer and courser as well  we get the smoothest finish reach all hairs no matter the position of them, this results in a much more defined final brow shape.

Make up

Why shouldn't you use the same type of foundation on all clients?

Clients can have different skin types and their own personal preferences which require you to select the foundation that suits them best, If you do not select the best foundation for the clients base it will not sit correctly.

Why are there so many different types of brushes?

All make up has different consistencies and textures therefore different tools are required to apply these, using the wrong brush will result in improper make up application, there could also be an alternative brush which applies the product just as well but quicker.

How do you know which colours will suit people the best?

This comes down to analysing the clients undertones and seasonal colour analysis which determine what colours suit who.

Acrylic nails

Why does your acrylic need to be thicker in the centre of the nail?

It needs to be thicker on the apex of the nail to ensure the extension has adequate support to prevent breakages.

Why don't you use electric nail files?

We don't use electric nail files as it is extremely easy to over file and damage your clients nails which can create not only weakness but also a tender and burning sensation.

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