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Guided Learning Hours: 165 Age Restriction: 18

UBT247 F/615/6164 Client care and consultation 3 20
UBT248 J/615/6165 Enhance appearance using microblading techniques 4 75
UBT249 L/615/6166 Anatomy and physiology for microblading techniques 4 20
UBT250 R/615/6167 Eyebrow shaping services 2 20
UCO35 A/615/6163 Health and safety in the salon 3 30
In the course you will learn:
  1. Microblading VS Cosmetic Tattooing
  2. Pigments
  3. Pigment Blending
  4. Pain method management
  5. Brow Shaping
  6. Brow reshaping
  7. Scar correction Techniques
  8. Methods of feather application
  9. Colour boosting
  10. How to follow WH&S & Skin Penetration for safe Application of procedure
  11. How to work with sterile equipment maintaining their sterilisation
  12. How to prepare clean, sanitise and dispose equipment safely
  13. Equipment
  14. Set Up
  15. Seamless Sterile application procedure
  16. Business Training
  17. Cross selling and upselling
  18. Design a treatment program plan
  19. Contraindications
  20. Understanding contagious and non-contagious disorders)
  21. Skin analysis
  22. Hand Method
  23. Needles uses
  24. Policies and procedures,
  25. Workplace, Health and Safety Following NSW guidelines,
  26. Colour & Tone coding,
  27. Colour guide
  28. Colour Corrections
  29. Colour Analysis Infection control & Sterilisation,
  30. Tailoring face charts,
  31. Procedure for colour implant for Eyebrow
  32. Feather Technique & Shading,
  33. Pre-care & Aftercare Instructions,
  34. Healing Schedules,
  35. Fault finding,
  36. Contra-actions and side effects and how to prevent them,
  37. How to retain clients for this service with rebooking/cross selling,
  38. How to build up your cosmetic/microblading business,
  39. Follow- up Procedures,
  40. Consent and liability forms and processes

Our 5 Day comprehensive Brow Microblading Course will give you the most comprehensive and broad knowledge of Brow Microblading.

  • You will learn the skills and techniques to produce the most natural looking semi-permanent brows in 6D. Learn the complete process of each technique, which needles are most suitable for each method, plus colour customisation and which pigments are best for Brow Microblading.
  • Get the extended hands-on practical training and further in-depth theoretical procedures. You’ll learn Brow Microblading inside and out within three days and gain that confidence you may not have been able to achieve in a shorter or more condensed course. We encourage enrolments from those with no experience and others with cosmetic tattooing skills.
  • Our training does not just teach you the basics, we offer additional knowledge not taught in regular cosmetic tattooing courses. With the essential breakdown of Brow Microblading and the manual technique behind it, we believe anything less is just not enough to absolutely nail these techniques.
  • There is no better way to learn Brow Microblading than with the manual technique experts. So get enrolled and start your professional brow career today!
  • Brow Microblading is an intricate process. It involves mimicking brow hair within the clients brows until the desired fullness and shape is achieved. An initial consultation to design the shape and follow up appointments to touch up any fading. This new semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo trend of brow microblading has exploded in the past year, with some clients paying up to $1,200 for the privilege of having their sparse brows delicately reshaped. The results are breathtaking, and so life-like that you’re very unlikely to ever be able to pick out anyone who’s had the treatment done.
  • At SEIR we provide an in depth training program for providing on of the leading eye treatments of the market Microblading, this training will be provided by leading Microblading artists and Trainers at our Academy

5 Days (one day a week for 5 weeks) or 2 Evenings (2 Evenings a week for 10 weeks)


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