Skin Needling (CIT Therapy)

Skin Needling – The new IT FacialShape

Throwback to the time when ICONIC Kim Kardashian West uploaded the selfie of her withthe #VampFacial with so much blood on her face you would think its Halloween, leaving theinternet haywire. Although later on, Kim did admit it was one of her beauty regrets. To saveeveryone from the horrors of this intense treatment is now available and commonly knownas- Skin Needling.

The procedure is non-invasive with the process involving creation of micro tears in thedermis and epidermis, by insertion of microscopic needles between 0.25mm to 2mm longinto the skin so as to increase the cell regeneration and collagen production througheffective healing of the skin.

This beautiful treatment gives a mini facelift andresults in smoother, more radiant skin by treatingfine lines, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, textureand Scarring. While immediate results arenoticeable, they become more evident three to sixweeks later. Clients cannot stop going back to thishot new facial trend! SEIR Beauty School in Mosman is now providing Skin Needling TrainingPrograms for just $1680, not only that but theIndustry Professional Trainers are also giving awaya discounted Skin Needling facial for just $399!. Head now to get the younger, radiant and glowingskin of your dreams at just fraction of the price.